The Forensic Data Search & Acquisition Platform for Researchers, Investigators, Risk and Compliance Managers

If investigations, risk management or compliance are integral to your business and you employ professional analysts to make the right decisions, then it is critical that you equip them with the technology they need to do the job.

  • Kusiri Data Acquisition
Kusiri data search technology enables users to transform the speed, accuracy and quality of data acquisition. Irrespective of data source location inside your organisation or around the world, Kusiri technology will ensure your needs for query results from structured or unstructured sources is completed quickly and without fuss.
  • Kusiri CDD, KYC, AML Screening
Kusiri can be used to power research and investigations in multiple industry sectors, law enforcement and government functions. Our portfolio of connected data sources is extensive. For the financial services sector, our portfolio of leading and niche information vendors, watch lists, registries, news and other sources means that wherever your business operates your team is supported with fast access to their data. Kusiri can connect them with all of the relevant data and checks for client governance processes, risk management, remediation and compliance.
  • Kusiri Investigations
Kusiri provides research and analysis professionals with a comprehensive workflow platform which can be tailored to support even your most complex investigation types. The intuitive interface enables easy tracking of data investigations design, progress and reporting. All investigations are captured for retrospective analysis, decision support and audit purposes.